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Executive Committee

President : Mr. Nemchand Bhagat

Secretary : Mr. C.P. Yadav

Treasurer : Mr. Sheikh Yasin

Members : Mr. Wazir Ahmad, Mr. Keshaw Kumar Pathak, Mr. Sachchidanand, Prof. Malti Verma

Life Member

Jharkhand State Council For Child Welfare, Ranchi


  • District Literacy Committee, Lohardaga
  • District RCH Committee, Lohardaga
  • District Blindness Control Society, Lohardaga
  • Monitoring Committee at District Level for National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education, Lohardaga
  • District Task Force for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Coordination for Irrigation Facility, Lohardaga
  • District Bonded Labour Eradication Committee, Lohardaga
  • District Level Committee for Natural Calamity Management, Lohardaga
  • District PNDT Committee, Lohardaga
  • District Malaria Control Society, Lohardaga
  • District Level Council For Child Welfare, Lohardaga
  • North India NGO Consortium Trust
  • Jharkhand Pradesh Lok Samiti
  • Voluntary Health Association of Jharkhand

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