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Livelihood Enterprise & Development Programme (LEDP)

Livelihood Enterprise & Development Programme (LEDP)

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) launched the Livelihood Enterprise & Development Programme (LEDP). The programme aims at creation of sustainable livelihoods amongst Self Help Group members.

LGSS has conducted 7-7 days residential intensive training to 153 selected members with matured 15 WSHG. Present DDM,NabardLohardaga Mr. Sanjay Trivedi, earlier posted DDM Mr. Rabesh Singh, LDM Mr.Ravikant Sinha, R-seti Director Mr. Peter Tigga and JSLPS DPM Mr. Sujeet Bari, Secretary of LGSS Mr. CPYadav, Bank of India Bank Manager, Dr. Hemant Kumar Pandey Scientist from KVK and Programe coordinator of LGSS made visit to training site and interacted with trainees. The total beneficiaries of mushroom cultivation program were 153 and divided in 5 batches and each batch got 7 days residential training. The Programe coordinator is Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, LGSS overall supervise the training activities. The Master trainer of Mushroom cultivation Mr. Deepak Oraon has provided training to all batches.

Objective of the Project: -

  • The object of the project to identify suitable livelihood activities through participatory approach based on local demand, availability of raw materials, marketing facilities, skills sets, traditional knowledge of community, Capacity of SHPI/ resource agency, transport facility, availability of infrastructure. etc for SHG members and their family members.
  • To enhance the capacities of SHG members/ their family members through identifying the skill gaps, appropriate skill upgrdation, demonstration and development of livelihood activities in the locality.
  • To enhance the income level of SHG’s member by improving /acquiring of skills to take up livelihood activities with credit support of Banks.
  • To develop a shared vision of change, enhance capacity/ knowledge of SHG members for managing their enterprises, business development and marketing.
  • To provide mentoring services and handholding support for ensuring that trained SHG members establish their livelihood ventures successfully.
  • To facilitate collaboration with Resource Agencies for provision of common infrastructure/ incidental services including establishing business tie-up arrangement or assured buy-back of the finished products.

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