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India Literacy project

India Literacy project

The india literacy project, Funded by ILP-USA was started working with LGSS in 2010 . After successful implementation of project in Kairo block. We started to work Kisko block of Lohardaga districts. Under this project 40 village, 43 schools and 72 AWC is covered. The project focuses on to empower community for ensuring quality and relevant preschool education, primary education and empowerment of adolescents as responsible citizen. The main objectives of the projects are:-

  • Ensure 100 % pre-school education of 3-5 year children in the aaganwadi center.
  • Ensuring quality education for 6 to 14 year child in school with 100 % admission, attendance and retention in the school.

The key activities undertaken in the project during 2020-2021.

  • TOLA education center is established in 28 villages with the help of 25 Vidya saathi and 3 Animator where more than 500 students are studying.
  • COVID – 19 awareness and mask distribution in project area.
  • 50 packet dry rashan distribution to needy children and villagers in the intervention area.
  • Team ILP distributed breakfast in 5 quarantine center at kisko in May 2020 on request of district administration for 10 days
  • Broom making & FOOT mat making training to 20 adolescents during lockdown.
  • Children's day celebrated in 40 villages where painting , games, Yoga, exercise were being done.
  • Two child marriage case has stopped with the effort of ILP team members in ILP intervention area.
  • Training given to ALMSC ( Aaganwadi level monitoring & support committee ), SMC ( School Management committee ) and AWW’s on COVID -19 related safety norms, Precautions, Essential food habit and about life style to save from Covid.
  • Help school and AWC to distribute dry rashan and books during lock down.
  • Help students to connect online classes provided by schools.
  • Counseling and career guidance training organized in 10 high school level where 846 student got benefited.

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