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NRLM-MGNREGA-CFT It is a program of the Ministry of Rural Development, which is being implemented since July 2014 in 250 backward blocks of India (76 blocks of Jharkhand) with the aim of increasing livelihood in rural areas. The purpose of this program is to help the workers to get their MNREGA rights and also to provide technical support to the administration in better implementation of MNREGA. An important aspect of this program is to increase the participation of women organizations (self-help groups, village organizations and federations) under MNREGA awareness and monitoring.

Selection, approval and implementation of plans

  • Cooperation in the selection of schemes by the Gram Panchayat Executive Committee. supervise record keeping
  • To cooperate in providing written work order and approved technical estimate by Gram Panchayat to MET.
  • Simplification of technical estimates for matos and laborers
  • To train the matos not to work at the workplace without a muster roll.
  • Assist Mateo in his work
  • Verification of muster rolls filled by ward members Helping the mate with complaints about non-availability of workplace facilities
  • Establishing the process of giving completion certificates by the Gram Panchayat


  • Every interested family will have a job card
  • Active participation of SHG/VO in regular Gram Sabha and processes (active participation of SC/ST handicapped/widow etc.)
  • Increase awareness among community, labour, MAT and Panchayati Raj members regarding MGNREGA rights, functions and procedures.
  • Regular weekly employment day
  • Regular capacity building training to labourers, mates, panchayat members, MNREGA workers etc.
  • Dated receipt for requisition of work
  • Improving the quality of personal assets
  • 100% timely wage payment
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • Regular weekly BCC (Block Coordination Committee) and monthly DCC (District Coordination Committee) meeting

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