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In the project area, community based non-formal education centres were established with a special focus on the girl child and child labours. Support has been extended to the existing schools for proper functioning. At present, about four thousand three hundred children are being provided non-formal education through different education centres.


Through the Mahila Mandals (SHGs), awareness regarding health, nutrition, immunization, family planning, childcare, maternal health and HIV/AIDS are being created in the remote rural society. In this respect we have collaborated with Department of Health, ICDS, CARE, CINI and Plan India. With the help of Government departments different family planning camps, eye camps, immunization camps are also being organized. To change the behavioural pattern, we organize puppet shows, cultural shows and nukkad natak.

Care for Senior Citizens

‘Burha Bhalai Lok Samiti’ - a platform for old aged people has been created for supporting them through the monthly distribution of food and clothes and health check-ups. Through this platform trainings are being given to these old aged people on income generation and sensitization of the community regarding different issues concerning these senior citizens are done.

Rural Technology Promotion

Identification, demonstration and replication of the rural technologies among the rural community, remain one of the most focused area of our operation.

Rehabilitation of Disabled and Mentally ill People

Awareness building, Identification, Treatment and Linkage with RINPAS and other Govt. institutions are being done. Special efforts are being given to rehabilitate these physically and mentally challenged people in their own community.

NRM and Livelihood

Through formation of hundred Mahila Mandals in Bhandra and Sisai blocks of Lohardaga and Gumla districts, the community is being mobilized for improving their livelihood. In this endeavour construction and renovation of water sources, promotion of medicinal and herbal plants, and cash crops are being focused. Trainings are also being given to these SHGs for improving their capacity and building awareness regarding proper management of the natural resources.

Community Organization

Formation of grass-root level community institutions and trainings are being given to these Mahila Mandal and Gram Sabha with a special focus on PRI. Linkages with different Government departments and agencies are also being made to empower these poorest community.


Trainings and support are being given to various grass-root level organizations to build their capacity and for strengthening these community organizations.

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