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LGSS is a non-profit organization, registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 (No.IV15/1031), Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. 1976 (Regn. No. 337770004) and Income Tax Act, U/s 12A/VIII (No. 15/98-99) & 80G/VIII (No. 6/80(G)/2005-06/2770-72).

The founder members of the Organization had a deep concern regarding the contemporary condition of the rural community in Lohardaga district, our initial operational area, which had a long history of negligence from all sectors of the society and witnessed abject poverty in spite of having abundance of resources. They were also influenced by the philosophy of Gandhi’ji and Vinoba’ji. Inspired by the Gandhian philosophy and the noble idea of self-rule, in the year 1985, they formed Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan. Later it became registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. Behind this endeavour, there was an unshakable commitment to bring in socio-economic changes of the existing condition of the downtrodden people of the area, especially of the tribal population and to establish a responsive environment for their needs and to improve their quality of life. The English interpretation of the name Lohardaga Gram Swarajya Sansthan is Lohardaga Village Self-rule Institution. The Organization commits to this philosophy by transferring the ownership of all its efforts to the community who are the ultimate beneficiaries. Thus building the capacity of the people, implementing the development projects in participatory manner to generate a sense of ownership and establishing a responsive system for this disadvantaged section of people have always been at the core of all the efforts of LGSS.

Working areas

The operational area of LGSS lies in the heart of Jharkhand and based in the tribal district of Lohardaga. LGSS has also expanded its activities to the adjacent area and presently working in ten districts of Jharkhand. It is working in all seven blocks of Lohardaga, and two blocks of Gumla. Topographically this area is undulated and of hilly terrain. It is a part of Chottanagpur plateau. The area is mostly dominated by the people of a primitive tribe – Oraon. They have a long history of negligence in spite of abundance of the natural resources in their area.

Human Resource

In LGSS we have a very strong team of two hundred forty-two dedicated workers. Among them thirteen are professionally qualified in the field of social and rural development and working at the project management level. In the field we are having forty supervisory staffs along with one hundred eighty-one field staffs. This team is supported by eight efficient office/administrative staffs and the Secretary. Other than these team members, a host of doctors, engineers, social scientists, management experts and legal advisors are also most enthusiastically extending their technical support to our programmes.

Basic Infrastructure/Facilities

LGSS has a full-fledged Coordination Office of two thousand square feet at Lohardaga. It is totally being made automated with computers and other electronic office equipments. For the sake of uninterrupted power supply, the office is equipped with power generators. For human resource development through training, LGSS has two training centers at Lohardaga and Bhandra. In Bhandra, we have a Demonstration-cum-Production and Training Center on Poultry Farming. A completely mechanized Food Processing Unit is also functioning at Bhandra. All these centers are well connected by telephones and Internet. For proper movement in the field, we are having a fleet of two wheelers and a jeep. At Lohardaga, we have a well-stocked library and a meeting cum seminar hall that mainly facilitates the in-house training and orientation programmes. All these infrastructure and facilities at LGSS, add an edge to the efficient implementation of strategic activities.


To improve the present condition of rural people by reducing poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and problems regarding health.

To organize rural women for their socio-economic development through income generation activities and imparting skill development training to them.

To collaborate with the government and voluntary agencies in the development activities such as income generation, health, education, environment conservation, agriculture etc.

To promote better health and hygiene practices and work under the aegis of Reproductive Health Projects.

To create an opportunity of education for the children of the depressed section and the rural people To organize rural people and women for leadership development and development of people’s pressure and vigilance committee.

To promote and develop appropriate rural technology and non-conventional energy sources.

To promote integrated development of the area.

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