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Aspirational District Programme

Aspirational District Programme-Gumla, Jharkhand

This project is started 1st July 2020 in 10 AWCs of sisai block of Gumla district to Improve indicators in Education and health & nutrition with particular focus on Early Childhood Care in the aspirational districts of India with following objectives:-

  • Improving nutritional status of children in Intervention Blocks
  • Improving and facilitating existing ECCD services in Selected AWCs of intervention blocks
  • Technical assistance at District Level for quality roll-out of HBYC initiative

Major Activities done in project:

  1. Performance Grading of AWCs of 10 AWCs
  2. Capacity building on IYCF for frontline workers -370 Frontline workers
  3. Nutrition Child Care Sessions (three days’ community based management of SAM and MAM Child): in 10 AWCs
  4. Capacity Building Workshop of frontline service providers with 50 frontline workers
  5. Social Behavior Change Communication with coverage of 90 AWcs
  6. Community Score Card with 10 AWcs
  7. Interface Meetings with 10 Awcs
  8. Develop model AWCs for improved service delivery on ECCE & Nutrition in 90 AWcs
  9. Capacity building of Master Trainers who will train on ECCE and Nutrition-36 LS,3 CDPOs at district level covered 1670 AWcs of whole block of Gumla
  10. Facilitate training of trainers and training of FLWs on HBYC covered 90 AWcs with health workers

Excluding of project deliverable

Hygiene kit distributed 2646 HH covering 90 AWcs 201paddle sanitizer and hygiene kit distributed in Sisai,Ghaghra and Gumla.

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